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"Shout out to a great company in @getmejockster. I ordered these a few days ago, after seeing a few people using them, so I had to see the hype. A little background on the company, is they are from Ohio, and have players from the nfl, to baseball, to bellator mma, to MLL AND NLL using their product. I received mine today, and got a chance to get faceoff reps with my high school guys, and they felt AMAZING. I strongly reccomend these to any and everyone that uses under armour or Nike usually for compression shorts, very comparable, possibly even better than I’ve had from Nike and UA. 10/10 scale from me!" – Aaron Wood, NHS Face-Off Coach, Lacrosse

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"Some may consider this TMI but this is a very important part of equipment. Got these from @getmejockster a few weeks back but finally got to try them last night. So comfortable and supportive. The legs don’t ride up while you play. The waistband doesn’t roll down. I have a feeling @getmejockster will be taking over the game. #Jockster #TryThem #Support #LaxThePlanet" – Kevin, LaxNerds Podcast, Lacrosse

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